Happy 100th blog post!

By Blog Coordinator Meghan Randolph

Wow! In fall of 2018 I started a blog for SAIL just to see if it would be a way of engaging members. Two years have gone by, and this is our 100th post! I’ve loved inviting other writers to contribute, finding great ideas and content for older adults, and, of course, meeting and talking with all of the amazing members of SAIL.

SAIL Member Mary Lathrop with elephants. The post on her travels is one of our most viewed!

I thought it would be fun to go back over some popular articles, articles you might have missed, and my personal favorites. This can help you go back and explore the blog to find all of the gems. Honestly, I love all of our posts and could probably make these lists several times!

Pro tip: If you want to find a blog post on a certain topic, click on the topic under the SAIL logo at the top of the page. All of our posts are categorized so you can find what you’re looking for easily! You can also try the “search” bar directly under the menu on the right hand side of the page.

Quick stats

-The SAIL blog has had over 2,300 unique visitors.
-We’ve had readers visit our blog from Canada, China, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and more!
-The blog is most often accessed through sailtoday.org and Facebook.
-The entire blog contains over 57,000 words!
-The most common time that people are reading the blog is Mondays around
7:00 p.m.

Most-viewed posts
Keep in mind, some of these have been up for much longer than others, so they may have been viewed more just by virtue of having been posted awhile ago. Others had more views since the blog became more popular. Plus, these stats change all the time!

  1. Traveling the world with Mary Lathrop: SAIL Member Mary Lathrop shows me her apartment full of treasures from travels all over the world!
  2. SAIL Member story: Maria Cristina: Our very first story about a SAIL Member! Maria Cristina’s daughter Sandra submitted this lovely tribute to her mom, telling the story of their family coming to Madison from Bogota, Colombia.
  3. Supporting small, local businesses: SAIL Member Janice Durand told me all about her popular store, Little Luxuries, giving me a history lesson on State Street businesses and sharing advice on supporting local stores during the pandemic.
  4. What is ageism? Our 2019 Spring Luncheon featured speaker Betsy Abrahamson and a presentation on ageism. This post was a primer about the topic, with examples.
  5. Paying it forward: Ken Martin and Bev Priefer: SAIL Member Ken and his wife Bev talk about how they’ve found balance in retirement through lots of volunteerism as well as learning, travel, and paying their passions forward.
Mr. Rogers taught us so much about being good neighbors, which we need to do now more than ever!

Gems you might have missed

  1. A lesson from the great flood of 2018: SAIL Member Gerry Campbell offers some thoughts and reflections about the crazy flooding in 2018 and how we assign value to things.
  2. Food as medicine–how to boost your immune system: SAIL Vendor Jeri Hirsch shares ways to boost your immune system through a healthy diet and shares a delicious recipe!
  3. Staying safe with pets in your home: This early post with content from SAIL Member Dana Schreiber (and her poodle, Pierre) gave good advice for avoiding falls when you have a furry friend underfoot!
  4. Celebrating volunteerism at SAIL: This post paid tribute to our amazing volunteer program and the remarkable woman that keeps it running, Peggy York!
  5. What we can still learn from Mr. Rogers: With the release of the movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” I looked at the values Mr. Rogers taught us about being good neighbors. This is a huge part of SAIL, and with the pandemic, being a good neighbor and caring for others means more than ever.
Nature-lover and long-time teacher Harriet Irwin reunites with her students

My personal favorites
I’m a little biased, but these are some of the posts I enjoyed writing. But honestly, I love writing them all. It’s so fun to connect our SAIL mission to so many things in the world.

  1. My experience with ageism: While on vacation in Hawaii, I was cornered by some people selling skin care products, who tried to convince me my 37-year-old skin was gross and I should look 21 again. I took some time to reflect on an issue I didn’t think I’d be facing any time soon.
  2. Older adults are Ironman champions: When my brother ran the 2019 Ironman, I did a little research and learned about some older adults who are conquering this brutal 140.6 mile race!
  3. Finding joy in furry friends: As the pandemic keeps up, I have found that my cats are lifesavers. I found three SAIL Members who are also grateful for their silly, intuitive, lovable family members from the animal kingdom.
  4. Jerry Apps–Farming, writing, and community: I was not familiar with the work of Jerry Apps, but I very much enjoyed our hour-long conversation this past summer as he told me about how farming shaped him as a person.
  5. Teacher appreciation-Harriet Irwin: I adored talking with this brilliant and lovely SAIL Member about her years as a teacher and how she worked with her students to cultivate a love of nature. Turns out they never forgot it! Now, more than ever, our teachers deserve lots of love!

These are just fifteen of the 100 posts on our blog. I encourage you to go back and find your favorites. There are so many topics to explore and so many great people who have contributed ideas and stories.

Speaking of which, if you have an idea for the blog, let us hear it! I have to say, interviewing SAIL Members is my favorite part of doing this. Our Members have the most amazing life stories and inspire me every time I talk to them.

Happy fall. Be safe, stay healthy, and keep reading! Thanks so much to Nicole, Ann, Sarah, and everyone who has been part of the journey to 100 posts!

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

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