Five reasons to attend “Aging 101”

Dr. Alexis Eastman

SAILing into the future!, now in its third year, has been a hugely popular series with SAIL members! This array of workshops hosts experts from all over Wisconsin, providing tools necessary to think positively and proactively about the aging process. Feedback from our members has been absolutely fantastic, and our workshop leaders continue to bring new material each year. In the era of Zoom, these workshops look a little bit different, but the nice part is you can enjoy them from the comfort of home!

The next workshop is “Aging 101–What is normal and how do I proact to it?” This informative and enlightening workshop will begin with a lecture to help participants understand the concept of homeostenosis and how it manifests in life as well as ten things to know about normal aging.

The event will be held via Zoom on Monday, September 28 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The event is free! Registration is required and can be done online here or by calling SAIL at 608-230-4321.

Five reasons to attend Aging 101

1) The speaker is a true expert.
The workshop will be led by Dr. Alexis Eastman, Division of Geriatrics, UW School of Medicine and Public Health. As a clinical geriatrician, she provides medical care for older adults in inpatient and outpatient settings, both in primary care and in memory care. She serves as Co-Director of Clinical Operations for Primary and Specialty Care in the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology, and as Medical Director of the Badger Prairie Health Center in Verona, Wisconsin.

Dr. Eastman serves as the Assistant Block Lead for the UW School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) MD curriculum. She is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Medical Directors, the American Geriatrics Society, and the Society for General Internal Medicine. Dr. Eastman has been named multiple times to the “Madison’s Top Doctors” list and was selected by the housestaff for the Department of Medicine Physician’s Physician Award. Her scholarly publications have focused on initiatives to promote interprofessional learning in geriatric medicine and facilitate effective transitions of care.

In other words, Dr. Eastman knows her stuff! Workshop participants are in good hands.

2) It’s a great way to celebrate Healthy Aging Month
Did you know that September is Healthy Aging Month? This month is specifically dedicated to celebrating the positive aspects of aging, and that’s SAIL’s favorite thing to do! Staying informed and learning new things are an important part of healthy aging, as is being proactive while looking to the future. Taking this workshop is a perfect way to do that.

3) You’ll get a multi-faceted look at the aging process.
There are normal parts of aging that people experience, but many aren’t discussed widely, or it can be hard to find research on them. There may be things you didn’t realize were part of aging, or things you should know to look out for. Dr. Eastman’s presentation has you covered, with ten things you should know being an important element of the workshop. You’ll feel a lot stronger in your understanding of the aging process.

4) You’ll feel good about aging and the things to come.
Dr. Eastman’s presentation will help us understand that aging doesn’t mean disease, nor does growing older mean we will become frail. Participants in the workshop will explore and dismantle some common myths about aging, and identify topics for future exploration.

5) You’ll see some familiar faces!
Say hi to your SAIL friends and staff through this Zoom gathering. You may even meet new people! While we may feel disconnected at the moment, these workshops are a good opportunity to interact and bond with SAIL members. Get some conversation, learn a lot, and feel ready to SAIL into the future!

Links and more information

Healthy Aging Month – WebMD
Dr. Alexis Eastman’s UW Profile
A short video of Dr. Eastman – UW Health YouTube
National Council on Aging’s resources for falls prevention

Additional events for Healthy Aging Month/Falls Prevention Month
SAIL event: Planning for Life’s Later Stages (September 22)
Falls Prevention Task Force: Live virtual chat with Dr. Zorba Paster (September 22)
SAIL event: Sharing Memories (September 24)

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