Should We Stop Using the Phrase “Senior Citizen?”

By Blog Coordinator Meghan Randolph At SAIL, we're always looking for just the right words to describe the population we serve. We know that words matter.  As we've seen in the fight against ageism, there are stigmas against what it means to get older. Considering the terms and words we use makes a difference. This … Continue reading Should We Stop Using the Phrase “Senior Citizen?”

Five Reasons to Attend “Carpe Vitam!”

We have another wonderful workshop coming up as part of our SAILing into the future! series. This time we hear again from the humorous, endlessly positive Mary Helen Conroy and her friend Galen Metz. The workshop is called Life's A Daring Adventure - Carpe Vitam!  This month’s innovative workshop is for persons looking to review, retreat, … Continue reading Five Reasons to Attend “Carpe Vitam!”