“Things I Know To Be True,” plus a Thanksgiving Song

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By Blog Coordinator Meghan Randolph

We hope you’re gearing up for a weekend of family, or relaxation, or whatever you like to do with your Thanksgiving!

Last night I came across an exercise for writing. Maybe you’ve seen it before. It’s a fun way to go into a reflective time of year, when we think about love, peace, strength, and family.  It’s simply called “Ten Things I Know To Be True.” All you do is write down…you guessed it!…ten things you know to be true. This can lead to more journaling, or a poem, or a story you share with your loved ones, or just something you have for yourself. Here are mine:

Ten Things I Know To Be True:
1. You can be right in front of a person and not be seen.
2. The love of one from the animal kingdom is the greatest, most deserving, most unselfish love there is.
3. Art can save the world.
4. Stars sometimes have to shine from behind thick clouds.
5. There is no smell like that of a brand new book.
6. When people walk away, let them.
7. Being alone and being lonely are not the same thing.
8. Our bodies pick up the slack for the pain our hearts can no longer bear.
9. Anyone is capable of anything.
10. “Broken crayons still color.”

If you enjoy writing, I hope you’ll enjoy this exercise!

Lastly, I wanted to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving songs. It’s called “Grateful,” and is written by a wonderful composer named John Bucchino. He writes musicals and independent songs. I sang this wonderful song two years ago as we celebrated my grandfather’s life. He left us at 94, but what a life he had led! Four children, six grandchildren, more than 60 years with the love of his life, a late-in-life interest in computers and exercise, a remarkable understanding of farms and the land, a dry and hilarious sense of humor, and absolute adoration of his little cat, Jenny.  Having served in Korea, he got to do the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. with his son, grandson, and brother, which I believe was one of the most meaningful experiences.

I sang “Grateful” because he was married Thanksgiving weekend in 1949, demonstrated gratitude his whole life, and made us so grateful to have him. Check out the beautiful song here via YouTube, which should work on any internet-connected device. You can see the lyrics here. You’ll want to listen over and over! My favorite lyric:

It’s not that I don’t want a lot, or hope for more, or dream of more. But giving thanks for what I’ve got makes me so much happier than keeping score.

Whatever your Thanksgiving plans are, know that we at SAIL are thankful for YOU. Each and every person who touches SAIL each year as a member, volunteer, vendor, service provider, or staff member is a gift for us all year long. YOU prove that older adults make our society amazing!

Have a terrific Thanksgiving!

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