Safety first! SAIL Volunteers learn new protocols

Volunteer Coordinator Peggy York gives a SAIL Volunteer her new safety kit!

Things are ever-changing in our world, but SAIL is still here sharing support! Since March, that has meant answering phone calls and e-mails remotely, ensuring members have their needed supplies and groceries, providing information on health precautions, keeping our members up to date with important news, offering fun and interesting activities to do at home, holding virtual programs, connecting members to one another,  and more. 

As of today, in response to requests to resume volunteer services, many of SAIL’s amazing volunteers have received new guidance on how to do the work they love while staying safe. In fact, just two weeks ago, SAIL Volunteer Coordinator, Peggy York, met with these volunteers to explain the new protocols in person, from a safe distance. SAIL has also provided all volunteers with a safety kit that includes a mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, and spray cleaner for cars. We are grateful for our Service Provider, BrightStar Care, and their sponsorship of our new safety kits.

Volunteers and members make their own decisions about how they will interact, with CDC guidelines always at the forefront. In-person volunteer services will only occur if both parties (the volunteer and the service recipient) can, to the best of their knowledge, ensure that they have not been exposed to COVID-19 and agree to adhere to safety protocols guided by the CDC and listed in the SAIL Guidelines and Protocols.

You can read the new SAIL Guidelines and Protocols in their entirety here This packet contains helpful and detailed information, including instructions provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Forward Dane.

Below are some important highlights in regards to Volunteer Services: 

What is required of Volunteers? Volunteers are required to wear masks at all times and keep safe distances from members. SAIL currently has a “no contact” policy when receiving volunteer services, so this means no hugs or handshakes. But you can still expect warm greetings! 

What services are provided? 
The top priorities for volunteer services will be transportation to medical appointments, grocery pickup/delivery, and medication pickup/delivery. Some other services may be provided, but this will be up to SAIL’s discretion. Right now, we are most focused on needs that are considered essential.  

Volunteers providing transportation are asked to disinfect their vehicles before and after providing a ride to a member. Both parties must use hand sanitizer when the member enters the vehicle, and masks must be worn by both parties at all times.

COVID-19-face-cover1-1080x1080Can a volunteer come into my home?
Volunteers can enter a member’s home at the member’s invitation. Volunteers will follow physical distancing protocol and both parties will wear a mask when inside member homes. 

SAIL wants to ensure that volunteers and members receive clear communication
regarding changes for SAIL relating to COVID-19. We will use mail, email, and phone
calls to relay information. 

Thank you to Volunteer Coordinator Peggy York and all of our incredible volunteers for all that you are doing to support members with important services!

If you have any questions about this information, we encourage you to look through this packet in full or call SAIL 608-230-4321. 

We at SAIL are wishing you a healthy August! 



Coronavirus/COVID-19 – Centers for Disease ControlCoronavirus/COVID-19 – Centers for Disease Control

Considerations for Wearing Masks – Centers for Disease Control

Forward Dane’s phased reopening plan – Forward Dane

SAIL COVID-19 Resources


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