Avoiding Baggage Fees, and Other Advice For Flying

air air travel airbus aircraft
Make your flight a little less stressful.

By SAIL Marketing Coordinator Meghan Randolph

I don’t know about you, but I hate flying. When I was on a national tour, I flew every week, and I didn’t seem to mind it as much then, but now, taking the occasional flight stresses me out considerably. The money, the time, the inconveniences. Ugh. When I’m actually on the flight I don’t mind; I treat myself to a glass of champagne and relax! But all that leads up to it can be very frustrating.

This great article from Next Avenue gives some valuable advice for flying, including

  • Avoiding those irritating baggage fees
  • Choosing the right airline
  • Finding a good frequent flyer program
  • Packing strategically

…and more! If you’re planning to take a trip anytime soon, or fly frequently and are feeling the financial burden, check out this article to make the trip a little less stressful!

Read the article here. 

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