Take the Fear out of Finance!

Connie Kilmark

SAIL is excited to continue our SAILing into the future! series with financial expert Connie Kilmark. The next workshop is Wednesday, June 19 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Oakwood Village Heritage Oaks in the Westmorland/Nakoma Room, located at 6205 Mineral Point Road. 

As they say, “money makes the world go ’round,” so naturally it can be scary to talk about. We often see negative media portrayals of finance, particularly when it comes to older adults. Luckily, Connie has developed a positive way to help you look at your financial future in relation to your goals, needs, and plans. Her firm, Kilmark & Associates, has been helping people take the fear out of facing finance for over 30 years! 

The SAILing into the future! workshop is open to members and non-members. You can learn more information about the program and register by calling 608-230-4321 or clicking here.

In the meantime, here are some helpful articles that address finances for older adults. Reading these will be a great step in helping you prepare for the workshop! 

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Time AffluenceThe Retirement Manifesto

A new way to pay for the single biggest expense of retirementNext Avenue (with a quote from Village to Village Network Executive Director Barbara Sullivan!)

5 Tips for Protecting Your Finances as You Grow OlderThe Motley Fool


We’re looking forward to hearing the many positive messages and strategies Connie has to share as well. We hope you’ll join us for this workshop to take the fear out of facing your finances! 

Register for the workshop here.  SAILing into the future! was developed by and for individuals who are aware of both the satisfactions and challenges of aging. A very special thanks to the Madison West Rotary Club for sponsoring the series of workshops! 

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