Getting the proper ID for flying

photo of airplane over runway

by SAIL Member Pat Krueger

I recently learned I cannot use my new driver’s license as ID for flying.  The driver’s license must have a star in the upper right corner.  On my license in that place it states “Not for federal purposes” – which means that it cannot be used as ID for flying.
I applied for my license last fall.  No questions were asked of me, which sort of surprised me. 

So, this is my warning to our members:  when you renew your driver’s license, be sure that the star shows in the upper right corner.

If you do need to get the proper ID, note that you will be asked to take a test of your vision.  If you have any qualms about your vision, it is a whole lot easier and more reassuring to have your eye care professional do this test and take the results with you.  The DMV accepts those results.

More information on proper ID can be found online or by calling 608-264-7447. 

Thank you, Pat, for this helpful information. 

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