Preventing Falls Through SAIL and Other Resources

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A series of articles ran in the Wisconsin State Journal recently detailing how Wisconsin has the highest rate of deadly falls in the nation. (Ugh, not good). But the final article in the series gave some great resources for things older adults can do to reduce their risks. You can read that whole article here. Best of all, some of the listed resources are available with your SAIL membership! 


Here are a few precautions the State Journal article refers to: 

Medication reviews: Having a licensed pharmacist go over your medications can make sure nothing you’re taking is interacting with something else, or causing side effects like dizziness or memory loss. SAIL offers a once a year free medication review for full members as part of your membership! 

Exercise: Staying active helps keep you strong and stable! The On Our Own group often takes bike rides or walks, which are great ways to stay active.  Additionally, SAIL members receive 10% off classes with MSCR, and access to drop-in classes at Oakwood Village and Attic Angel Place. 

Hazards within the home: Buckling carpet and other things can be trip hazards. If you’re a SAIL member and notice that something in your home could cause a fall, we have volunteer handypeople and pre-screened vendors who can come and get it fixed for you! They can help you get things down from high shelves, move items, change bulbs, get cords out of the way, get carpet or flooring fixed, and more, all to make sure you don’t fall. We’re happy to help! 

Other things SAIL can offer to help prevent or help you with trips and falls: 

Rise and shine check-in: A simple, automated call-in service is included with your membership. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll check on you! 

Working with pets to make sure they don’t surprise or trip you.  Read this great article by SAIL member Dana Schreiber on how to have your beloved pet and avoid tripping. Putting a bell around their neck is a great solution! 

Discounts on Life Assist’s 24/7 Personal Emergency System: If you do find yourself in a situation where you’re in trouble, you can use this system to contact emergency services. 

File of Life: You can get a free File of Life from the SAIL office to inform emergency services of any medications, conditions, or other needs you have if they need to come pick you up in an emergency. Read this article by SAIL member Sue Goldstein about how File of Life came in handy for her! 

Referrals to professional service members: If you need services related to keeping you safe in your home, you’re in luck! SAIL has a directory of vendors that we’ve carefully vetted, as well as professional service members recommended by our members. We can refer you to great people who can help you get what you need to feel safe and independent at home! 

The State Journal article also provides great local resources to help get you active and address your concerns. SAIL members should feel free to contact us with any questions about preventing falls and finding resources. Our ultimate goal is that you stay active and independent, and we’re here to make sure that happens!



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