Sunday Drives, Warm Hearts

See more of beautiful Madison this spring!

Last year, SAIL started offering Sunday Drives.  This member-initiated program involves taking a drive around Madison to see specific sites, visit old homes, or just enjoy the beautiful weather.  SAIL Member Nancy Winton was gracious enough to share a writeup on a Sunday Drive she took and how much she enjoyed it! 


“On a weekday in mid-October my phone rang and I wondered, ‘What now?’.  A nice male voice said ‘Nancy, this is Bob Topel from SAIL and I’m wondering if you’d be available on Sunday around 2pm to take a nice drive with three others.’  Since I don’t ‘jump for joy’ much anymore I hope my ‘excited voice’ conveyed my joy and a yes answer!

At 2:10 on Sunday I got the call they were here to pick me up.  I went out to meet my new SAIL friends, Bob Topel, the driver Cathy Andrews, and Ruth, Bob’s mother who had recently celebrated her 93rd birthday.  We all decided that we’d like to see more of Madison since there’s so much going on all the time and so many things that two of us hadn’t seen yet, plus rain was in the forecast for the afternoon so we’d be closer to home.

The other three had lived in Madison longer than I and remembered how it used to be, what buildings had been there, what it had become and many other interesting memories.

And the colors were spectacular! Cathy drove on many side streets, not busy main roads, so we got to see lovely neighborhoods and some neat Halloween decorations.

Then we passed by a Culvers and Ruth and I spoke up immediately about how much we both enjoyed Culvers.  Cathy turned around and said ‘What a great place for a treat!’

What an enjoyable, relaxing afternoon, with delightful people, plus a delicious treat! That’s what SAIL is all about, making us all feel special.  In the spring when SAIL starts offering these rides again, don’t wait to reserve a date for your ride.  You are special!” 

SAIL will be offering Sunday rides again starting in April.  If you’d like to set one up, call the office at 608-230-4321.  You can take a drive around town, go see a specific site, visit an old building or homestead, or whatever else you can think of! Thank you to Bob Topel and all who helped make this program happen last year, and thank you to Nancy for this sweet writeup! We’re so glad you had fun!

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