December Read: Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers


SAIL member Janice Gary has been on the lookout for a book for single and childless adults and the aging process.  For years she searched, and she couldn’t find one-until she came across Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers by Sara Zeff Geber, PhD.  

“There’s never been anything like this!” says Janice, who encouraged us to share this book with our membership.  “It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.” It’s so good and unusual that The Wall Street Journal even listed this book on its “Best Books on Aging Well 2018.” 

Author Sara Zeff Geber, whose Ph.D. is in organizational behavior, brought the word “Solo Agers” to the national vocabulary and was named a 2018 Influencer In Aging by Next Avenue. She wrote the book because of the Baby Boomer generation, 20% of whom didn’t have children.  She realized that this new generation of older adults would be reinventing retirement.  

Geber likes to frame solo aging as an opportunity for travel, relocation, and exciting experiences, all of which can be decided upon without taking kids and grandkids into consideration.  In her book, she advises about those opportunities while also guiding solo agers on how to use estate planners, financial advisors, and more to help get things in order for the future.  

SAIL is full of all types of people with and without kids, with and without partners, who love to learn and are very smart about planning. Thank you, Janice, for sharing this book with our followers! 

Order the book on (Remember to use Amazon Smile to benefit SAIL!) 
Visit Sara Zeff Geber’s website
Read a Forbes article on Sara


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