Welcome to the SAIL blog!

slide 1 - Embracing Change.jpg
Members at our July “Embracing Change” event

Here you’ll find tips, ideas, member submissions, interviews, and more from SAIL.  It’s an in-depth way of looking into all of the things our members are doing, a great place to find helpful information, and a way of connecting our wonderful community. 

Have something you’d like to submit to the SAIL blog? We’d love to hear from you! Send an e-mail to meghan@sailtoday.org and we’ll get it posted! 

One thought on “Welcome to the SAIL blog!

  1. Megan, have you seen the opinion piece by Frank Bruni that was recently in the New York Times? It’s titled, “The Best Restaurant if You’re Over 50”. I think it makes some great points about what we want when we go out to eat. And it’s about more than just the noise level, although that is talked about as well.


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